General conditions for use of Gafarelo website


We would kindly remind you that by accessing our sites and/or by using even one of the Services provided, you confirm knowledge and acceptance of the General Conditions as published on this page. If you should not accept these conditions, we would kindly ask you to refrain from accessing and using the contents and the services offered on our websites forthwith.


In order to offer a clearer and easier consultation of the sites, we have supplied a glossary of the most frequently used terms on this page.

  • Gafarelo : indicates the site manager, the domains and the sub-domains which are registered for each of the brands of the Gafarelo.
  • Websites: specifies the web portals related to the Gafarelo, which consist of the Services and Contents which are made available to the User
  • Services: indicates all the activities and the operations which the Users can carry out in relation to the Contents which are made available on the Websites
  • Contents: means amongst others and by way of example, the audio and video material, information, graphics, photographs and/or images, illustrations, pictures, logos, projects and any other type of original or reproduced material published on the websites or sent by them, including software, the operative processes of the websites, menus, web pages, layout, graphics and colours.
  • User: specifies the users of the Sites and the Services supplied therein.

How will I know if the conditions contained on this page have been modified?

If you wish to receive constant updates regarding the General Conditions, we recommend that you consult this page regularly. This will allow you to check if possible modifications or changes have been implemented since your last visit to the Website. Indeed Gafarelo, whenever implementing modifications - either partially or totally - will take the necessary steps to make the updates available by publishing them on this page.

Can I use the Gafarelo Websites for professional reasons?

The Contents and Services on our Websites are normally intended for personal use. This means that if, for example, you consult the pages, download product information, etc., you will be using the material for inappropriate commercial, entrepreneurial and professional purposes.

However, if the Service you are using is amongst those that allow you to make purchases, in this case you can use the Service both for professional and personal use. This means that you are free to make purchases which are both related and unrelated to your professional activities through our Websites.

What conditions and limits are imposed when using the Gafarelo Websites?

When accessing our websites and the relative Contents and Services, you must:

  • Navigate and use the Website and Services at your complete and free discretion, whilst assuming total and sole responsibility
  • Not use the Websites for illegal purposes or to commit illegal actions
  • Not use the Websites in such a way that would interrupt, damage or compromise the efficiency and the functionality either partially or totally of the above
  • Recognize the fact that Gafarelo cannot be held responsible for events in relation to possible damage to your or a third party’s computer, equipment or any data stored therein, except in possible cases of serious errors and wilful intent which can be directly linked to Gafarelo
  • Release Gafarelo and subjects from any responsibility in relation to your conduct whilst using the Websites and Services
  • Recognize that Gafarelo cannot be held responsible for losses and damage in relation to any form of use and the functionality of the Website, including (without restrictions) any damage in relation to the suspension, interruption, lack of functionality and/or inaccessibility to the Websites or Services, damages related to transmitted viruses and harmful material, damages related to loss of business, loss of earnings, interruption of business, loss of business information and/or any other type of pecuniary loss, except in the case of damage caused by wilful intent and serious errors
  • Declare to be aware and to accept that Gafarelo does not guarantee the accuracy and the completeness of the Contents and furthermore does not guarantee that the Websites, Services and Contents will always be supplied without interruptions, punctually and safely
  • Accept that Gafarelo does not guarantee that any possible material errors in Contents and Services supplied through the Websites shall be promptly rectified

Are the product images and photographs found on the Websites reliable?

The images, photographs and all representations found on Gafarelo Websites merely have an illustrative value. Gafarelo constantly implements measures aimed at ensuring that the photographs displayed on the Websites are true representations of original products and also implements every technological solution possible to minimize inaccuracies. That said; viewing variations are always possible due to various causes, even of a technical nature and sometimes linked to the technological characteristics of colour resolution on your computer. Subsequently, Gafarelo cannot be held responsible in case some graphic representations of products displayed on the Websites in relation to the above technical reasons should appear not perfectly suitable or corresponding.

If I am under 18 years of age can I use Gafarelo Websites?

If you are under 18 years of age you can freely navigate our Websites. You are not permitted to use those Services that require registration or transfer of data or information. Registration and use of the services available on Gafarelo websites is strictly for persons over the age of 18. No one under that age can register on the Websites nor use the services available therein, except in those cases where the minor has the consent of a parent or legal guardian. In all cases where you would use or access even one of the Services which require registration or the transfer of data and information as supplied through the Websites, you must ensure that you are over 18 years of age and have the faculty to stipulate binding contracts.

When surfing the Web if you see or if you are requested to provide information which you do not understand or which is not totally clear, always ask your parents for assistance. Remember: this is always valid not only for Gafarelo Websites, but also for all other sites that you visit on the Internet.

What policy does Gafarelo apply in relation to brands, names and intellectual property?

Gafarelo is the sole proprietor of the actual and future registered logos and brands, included amongst which are: GAFARELO, GAFARELo DESIGN and any other distinctive brand which includes the relevant words, including the relevant brand names registered for each of the brands and the companies of the Gafarelo brand.

Gafarelo reserves the right of sole use of its logos, brands and distinctive markings.

The Contents and other material on the Websites, as protected by the applicable copyright, patent or other relevant legislation, may not be copied, modified or reproduced nor used, without the express written consent of Gafarelo, even in the case of further contractual agreements stipulated and negotiated with the User.

What are COOKIES and how are they used by Gafarelo?

Gafarelo also uses cookies issued by third parties. For information in relation to the policy regarding the use of cookies on Gafarelo Websites, you can consult our Privacy Policy
The Websites can contain links to other sites which are not directly connected to Gafarelo. We would point out that these websites are in no way managed nor controlled by Gafarelo, which cannot be held responsible for the contents and the regulations contained therein. The General Conditions are exclusively applicable to Gafarelo Websites and not to other websites that may be consulted by the user through use of the above mentioned links.

How does Gafarelo protect my privacy and my data?

Gafarelo considers people’s privacy to be an essential value. In particular we are committed to protecting the privacy of users on our Websites. If you wish to know how, we invite you to consult the following link: Privacy Policy

Gafarelo implements security and preventative measures of a technical and organizational manner aimed at protecting the security of its Websites and of their Users. In particular, these measures are aimed at ensuring that the information in relation to its Users is protected from the risks of loss, destruction, unauthorized access or illegal use.

With specific reference to the payment systems available for purchases on the Websites, we use PCI DSS standard systems with regards to information relative to credit cards. Gafarelo does not possess any data files storing such information.

With specific reference to the reserved areas available to the User (e.g. Wish List), the above are subject to registration and the subsequent allocation of access credentials by Gafarelo, composed of a User ID linked to a Password.

 You can make the most important contribution to your password security by following a few simple precautions:

  • Keep your password secret, do not give it to anyone and do not write it down.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use it.
  • If you think that the security of your password has been infringed, change it. We would remind you that for your greater security, our systems force you to change the password you have been assigned at registration upon your initial access to the Website, in such a way that no one else, other than yourself, can know it.

These General Conditions are regulated by SPanish Law and shall be interpreted accordingly. Possible disputes inherent and/or subsequent to the above must be resolved under Spanish Jurisdiction. The Barcelona Courts have been assigned jurisdiction for the application of these General Conditions.

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