About us

The story of Gafarelo is a story closely linked to the world of women. Rafael, after working for over 30 years in a prestigious Catalan company of lingeri , decided to open their own stores of the hand of their daughters, Mireia and Montse .
The experience and obsession for service to their clients, made them develop their own line of swimwear, based on a very simple philosophy:

Every woman is perfect, you just have to do is to adapt the garment to their needs.

From here comes a new line of swimwear: elegant and funny prints, casual clothing .. models cured to the smallest detail and the possibility of combining panties and bra from different models and different sizes, so the result is the garment that fit perfectly every woman's body ... and not vice versa .
Gafarelo Today starts a new challenge: his own brand of swimwear with all the identity and character of today's woman. Because we still strongly believe that every woman is perfect!

Welcome to Gafarelo, made in Barcelona.

Buying direct from the manufacturer

When you buy online at gafarelo.com you have the assurance of buying directly from the manufaturer of the product, all from the comfort of your home!

Gafarelo.com is an open door to the world of Gafarelo Design, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can satisfy your shopping needs as well as receiving updates on new arrivals, trends and special offers.

Our commitment is to guarantee a shopping experience that is everything you want and so much more. In just a few simple clicks you can find the product you are looking for and discover tips and suggestions to make your shopping experience even easier.

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